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I have been on a week-long road trip to Las Vegas, and on my journey, I stopped by the Meteor Crater in Arizona. It was an impromptu visit that ended up being an exciting pitstop to a National Natural Landmark.

I took my Canon T5i with me, but unfortunately, I could not fit the entire crater into a photo with the lenses that I had with me at the time. I decided that it was a good time to attempt my first ever panorama image. The resulting image posted on this page is the combination of seven full HD photographs, and it measures 16476 × 2631 pixels.

The full resolution photo can be viewed by clicking Buy Viagra Online Using MastercardIt may take awhile to load as the image is ~60mb in size.

Click Zestril And Viagra Online for more information regarding the crater.

I also did a second panorama of the crater from a different spot. This one is 11265 x 2879 pixels.

Cheap Diovan CanadaThe full resolution image can be viewed by clicking the image.